Care & Maintenance - Anti-Graffiti Powder Coated


Frequently remove any dirt, grime or foreign matter with a soft cloth.
If the surface is showing spotting from hand perspiration, soil or grease, a thorough cleaning with warm water and mild detergent, followed by rinsing and removal of excess moisture will renew a clean even surface.
To avoid scratching the surface of the partition, use a soft cloth to wipe the affected areas.  For best results graffiti should be removed within 48 hours.  After using the graffiti remover, thoroughly clean the affected areas with warm water and a mild soap, followed by rinsing and removal of excess moisture.  Some graffiti removers may occasionally cause temporary reduction in the gloss level of the powder coating, however this should return to normal within approx. one hour.
To maintain the brilliance of hardware, these components can be frequently cleaned by application of a non-abrasive cleaner with a damp cloth.
Where additional gloss and protection is required, a light application of commercial liquid or paste waxes is highly recommended.


Tighten any screws that have become loose.
Check the top door pin to ensure it is flush with the top of the hinge.
If the partition has a continuous hinge, regular application of a non-drying lubricant is recommended.


Do not use cleaning agents containing abrasives such as householder cleaning powder, steel wool and harsh detergents or acids.
Graffiti removers should only be used on Anti-Graffiti Powder Coating partitions, not the standard Powder Coating as this may result in damage to the finish.
Be sure the surfaces are dry after being cleaned and rinsed with clean water, when required.
Partitions exposed to severe humidity should be washed and tried frequently.  If partitions are in a shower room, a coat of paste was is recommended on painted surfaces.

Storage and Handling

Due to its weight, it is strongly recommended that forklift is used to lift these items.